I Portuguese and Multi-lingual Ontologies Workshop

STIL Workshop on Portuguese and Multi-lingual Ontologies building, evaluation and reuse.

Workshop Programme

This workshop welcomes the submission of ontologies and a corresponding abstract instead of full written papers related to ontologies. In the submission process the authors should also answer a questionnaire about the resource being submitted, such as: What is the main purpose for the ontology? What is the related reasoning process, which answers should it provide?

The ontologies may be partial or under development. There is no constraint on the ontology format, on the formalism in which it is implemented, on the domain it describes. However, it is desirable that they are written in Portuguese or that they include Portuguese translation of terms.

Ontologies will be selected for discussion during the meeting at STIL 2009 . Questions regarding quality and reasoning capabilities will be analysed and discussed with the engineers by a panel composed by Giancarlo Guizzardi, Mara Abel, and Renata Vieira.

The goal of this call for ontology is to provide practioners with some technical feedback about the quality of their ontologies. By gathering concrete examples, we hope to achieve a better understanding of quality ontology design, as well as collecting and making available ontologies, providing resources for researchers in the area of ontologies and Portuguese language.

The abstracts will be published in the workshop proceedings and the ontology itself will be made available through the OntoLP web site.

Important dates:

Ontology submission: July 12 2009.
Acceptance notification: July 27 2009.
Final abstract uploading: July 30 2009.