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Research Projects - PALEOPROSPEC Details

Project Summary

This project aimed gather available geologic knowledge of Earth to estimate stratal formation of depositional basins in the South Atlantic Ocean. To do so, we assemble large amounts of data from different sources in order to draw the most likely configuration of the ocean floor and sedimentary deposits existent in the present time.

The gathered data includes paleogeographic and paleoclimatic hypothesis from different authors in different formats and different positioning systems. Therefore, our efforts included Big Data techniques (to handle efficiently Petabytes of information), Data Transformation (to merge, interpolate and extrapolate multiple sources of data), Stochastic Models (to find most probable situations concerning unknown phenomena) and also Geology analysis by experts (to validate from a practical point of view).

The practical applications of such project include, but are not limited to, the forecasting of possible reservoirs of organic matter (mostly petroleum) in the South Atlantic Ocean. However, the produced knowledge and know-how is applicable to other similar problems (other locations, other periods of time, other time scales, etc.).

Example of Graphical Result

Simulation of South Atlantic Opening according to bathymetric data and tectonic shifting hypothesis

Example of Produced Papers

  • ASSUNÇÃO, J.; ESPINDOLA, L.; FERNANDES, P.; PIVEL, M.; SALES, A. A structured stochastic model for prediction of geological stratal stacking patterns. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, v. 296:C, p. 27-42, 2013.
  • Additional Info

  • The project team was composed by Computer Science and Geology researchers.
  • This funding included grants for 8 full researchers, scholarships for 6 graduate and 8 undergraduate students, as well as other expenditures in a grand total of US$ 3,100,000.00 received during the 5 years of the project duration.
  • This project results were protected by a non-disclosure agreement, therefore, all information presented here is intendedly superficial.

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