International Conference on
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ICGSE 2007
Munich, Germany
August 27-30, 2007

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Hilton Munich City, Munich Germany


The ICGSE2007 Conference (Tuesday through Thursday, August 28-30) will be at the City Hilton in downtown Munich.
The Workshops and Tutorials (Monday, August 27) at the Technical University of Munich in Garching (north of Munich, well reachable via public transportation).
The conference site is at the public transportation "S-Bahn"-station called "Rosenheimer Platz". This is easily reachable from the airport (35 minutes with the S-Bahn S8, during the day the S-Bahn train goes every 20 minutes) as well as from anywhere else in Munich. The tutorial/workshop site at the Technical University of Munich is at the public transportation "U-Bahn U6" station called "Garching Forschungszentrum" and is also easily reachable from the hotel (35 minutes, with S-Bahn to "Marienplatz", then U-Bahn U6 to "Garching Forschungszentrum").

A block of rooms at special rates (143 Euro including breakfast, same price for either a single or a double room) has been reserved at the Hilton Munich City. Please use the following hotel booking form to reserve your room (you can either fax it to the address listed in the form or mail it to the hotel at [email protected].

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Summary of main points of the local arrangements of the ICGSE 2007 Conference
(will be kept updated online, I suggest you print out a copy before you start your travel).
Click on this link to download a .doc version

We look forward to hosting the ICGSE 2007 in Munich in the week of August 27-30, 2007.

On August 27, we offer a set of tutorials and workshops (these are all held at the Technical University of Munich (also known as TU Munich, TU M�nchen, or TUM).
On August 28-30 is the conference itself (held at the �Hilton Munich City Hotel�). See below for details on the location of each and how to get their from the airport and travel in between the conference site and the tutorial/workshop site.

The workshops start promptly at 9:30 on Monday, one connection e.g. leaves Rosenheimer Platz at 8:23 and gets to Garching Forschungszentrum (with one change at Marienplatz) at 9:05. This is in a 10-minute takt, i.e. you can also do the same 10- or 20- minutes earlier.
The workshops and tutorial run until 5:30. We have lunch in the local cafeteria there � take your tutorial/workshop lunch vouchers with you to lunch! At the end of the day, you will have to plan to be fairly prompt and head to the Hilton Munich City Hotel where the welcome reception is held from 7-8 pm. After 8 pm we turn off the snacks&drinks and you are on your own for dinner (we will have some suggestions onsite and presumably some groups would form for dinner during the reception).

Most of you have registered for a workshop or tutorial. You will receive your name badge, information on the room where your workshop/tutorial is held and set of vouchers. The room numbers seem a little cryptic at first, but there is a systematic behind it and it will be easy for you to find your room once you are there. Upon check-in at TU Munich you will receive your registration envelope containing a set of vouchers (e.g. for Monday lunch, proceedings, reception, banquet) Please check your envelope whether all the vouchers you had arranged for are there (proceedings, tutorial/workshop lunch, reception, banquet). We have communicated with most of you regarding whether you plan to join us Monday or Tuesday nights. If you told us that you would not be attending, we did not include the voucher and if you bought extra tickets, you should find them in your envelope. After the workshop, please head to the conference hotel. Between 7 and 8 pm on Monday is the reception and between 6:30 and 9 pm on Monday, you can trade your proceedings voucher in for a paper and CD version of the proceedings. This can also be done Tuesday morning for those that do not already do this on Monday. On the first day, the conference registration desk will be right in the main lobby of the hotel (near the main entrance, you can�t miss it), on the other days the registration desk will be near the main conference room.

At the end of the conference on Tuesday, we will have a special event (sponsored by IBM Research) oriented to students. This will include a demo of Jazz and students who are registered for the conference have a chance to win several Amazon vouchers. Also non-students are welcome to also attend and listen in.

After the student meeting, we will go (presumably some of us walking, some of us public transportation) to Marienplatz where the banquet will be. The reception and banquet are included in your registration, i.e. no extra cost for you (unless you bought a separate ticket for accompanying persons).

On Wednesday evening we offer also an option of a local Biergarden.

Hilton Munich City Hotel (Conference location, for everything except tutorials/workshops)
There is a public transportation stop (called �Rosenheimer Platz� on the S-Bahn line) right underneath the Hilton Munich City Hotel. This allows you easy transfer to the airport, to the TU Munich, or to �Marienplatz� (the heart of downtown Munich).
There is also an underground shopping area (grocery store and the like) here.

Tutorials and Workshops are held at:
Technical University of Munich (TUM), Institut f�r Informatik (Dept. Of Computer Science).
Thanks go to Prof. Bernd Br�gge for agreeing to host us here at the TU Munich.
I think you will be impressed by the new modern campus.

Public Transport in Munich

Travel from Munich Airport to the City of Munich by Public Transport

Travel from Munich Airport to the Conference Location Hilton Munich City Hotel
The S-Bahn Lines S1 and S8 commute to downtown Munich. There is a stop underneath the Hilton Munich City Hotel which is called: �Rosenheimer Platz�. S1 takes 51 minutes, S8 takes 35 minutes from the Airport. We recommend S8.
Buy a �Single One Way� ticket for 8,80 � and don�t forget to stamp it before entering the train. There are no cancelling machines on the trains. If you plan further use of public transport facilities on your day of arrival we recommend to buy a �single day ticket-Gesamtnetz/entire network� at the price of 10,00� or a �partner day ticket-Gesamtnetz/entire network� at the price of 18,00� which is valid for up to 5 adults.
Please, click on this link to the company's website

The day tickets are valid until 6 a.m. the next day (but we expect for you to show up promptly in the morning!).

Travel to Tutorials/Workshops at Technical University Munich, Institut f�r Informatik (Dept. of Computer Science):
Please see
If you plan to travel to your Tutorial/Workshop from downtown Munich by public transport, take any transportation means which joins U6 (subway) and enter U6 in the direction of �Garching Forschungszentrum� which is also the terminus (last station) and get out at this station. Upon exiting the U-Bahn at ground level, head south (opposite to the direction you came by train) until you see the building �Mathematik/Informatik� on the right hand side (5 minutes walk). Once you see the Mathematik/Informatik Building you will see signs directing you further (watch for the ICGSE logo).

Public transportation tickets:
The best way to get from downtown to the TU Munich is to buy a �single day ticket �M�nchen XXL� at the price of 6,70� or a �partner day ticket M�nchen XXL� at the price of 11,80� (5 adults, so cheap if you team up with colleagues). This ticket should be validated in a machine if it does not come pre-validated and the ticket is good all day in the whole XXL area. You could, for example, use the same ticket to go out to dinner after the welcome reception on Monday.

The web page of the public transport in Munich is
The main locations you are likely to want to look for are
Flughafen M�nchen (airport)
Rosenheimer Platz (Hilton Munich City Hotel)
Marienplatz (central square, we have banquet in restaurant in basement of City Hall here on Tuesday)
Garching Forschungszentrum

Sample distances:
Airport-Rosenheimerplatz S8 35 minutes
Rosenheimerplatz � Garching Forschungszetrum � take S-Bahn (any one going towards Marienplatz) and then at Marienplatz take U6 going north to Garching Forschungszentrum, ca. 40 minutes
Rosenheimerplatz � Marienplatz is a short ride on the S-Bahn, 2 stations, can also be bought using a �short trip� ticket (Kurzstrecke) or is also walkable.

On the days of the conference (Tuesday though Thursday) we will have a single high-speed (wired) line in the foyer area of the conference. Please be considerate in sharing this line. You can also buy a (wireless) internet access card for 22 Euros at the hotel which is good for 24 hours (but to my understanding only usable on a single computer). Shorter 1 hour ones for 12 Euros are, I think, also available. The wireless cards should work both in the hotel rooms and the conference area.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Best way to reach me would be to mail both to my Siemens address (where you get this mail from) as well as to [email protected].
Furthermore, you can try to reach me via cell phone at +49-89-636-41047