International Conference on
Global Software Engineering

ICGSE 2010
Princeton, NJ, USA
August 23-26, 2010
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The first conference day (August 23rd) will be dedicated to workshops, tutorials and doctoral symposium.
Monday, August 23rd - five parallel tracks
  Track 1
Prince Williams Room
Track 2
Palmer Room
Track 3
Albert Einstein Room
Track 4
John Witherspoon Room
Track 5
Library Room
8:30am Registration
9:00am Tutorial 1
Brian Berenbach
REMIDI's Invited Talk
Tutorial 4
Frederick Zarndt
Tutorial 5
Christof Ebert
10:30am Coffee Break
11:00am Tutorial 1
Brian Berenbach
PARIS'10 Workshop Tutorial 4
Frederick Zarndt
Tutorial 5
Christof Ebert
Knowing Workshop
12:30pm Lunch
02:00pm Tutorial 2
Brian Berenbach
PARIS'10 Workshop Tutorial 3
Yael Dubinsky and Erran Carmel
Doctoral Symposium Knowing Workshop
03:30pm Coffee Break
04:00pm Tutorial 2
Brian Berenbach
  Tutorial 3
Yael Dubinsky and Erran Carmel
Doctoral Symposium Knowing Workshop
07:30pm   Social Event
Welcome Reception

Afterwards, the main conference takes place. Please, click on links for more information
  Tuesday, August 24th Wednesday, August 25th Thursday, August 26th
8:00am Registration Registration Registration
8:45am Welcome (Alberto Avritzer, Allen Milewski, Yael Dubinsky) PC Report (Yael Dubinsky, Allen Milewski) ICGSE 2010 Report (Alberto Avritzer)
9:00am Keynote Talk

Speculations on Coordination Models
Speaker: Len Bass
Keynote Talk

Global transfer of work and its impact on quality and productivity
Speaker: Audris Mockus
Keynote Talk

On the impact of SOA on GSD: open issues and challenges
Speaker: Elisabetta DiNitto
10:00am Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:30am Session 1

Tools I: Support and Use
Session 4

Industry Experiences
Session 7

Management Environments II: Assessing the Risk
12:00pm Lunch Lunch Lunch
01:30pm Session 2

Processes and Practices
Session 5

Human Aspects
Session 8

Tools II: Emerging Tools
03:00pm Coffee Break Coffee Break
03:30pm Session 3

Management Environments I
Coffee Break and Poster Session Session 9

Management Environments III: Understanding Effort in a Global Context
04:00pm Session 6

Preparing Software Engineers for Global Software Environments
04:30pm ICGSE 2010 Closing Remarks and ICGSE 2011 Introduction (Alberto Avritzer, Casper Lassenius)
05:30pm Technology Panel

Impact of Future Communication Technology on GSD

Panelists: Len Bass, Audris Mockus, Elisabetta Di Nitto

Panel Facilitator: Alberto Avritzer
07:00pm Princeton Tour    
07:30pm Conference Banquet