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void erase( iterator position );
iterator erase( const_iterator position );
(1) (C++11 feature)
void erase( iterator first, iterator last );
iterator erase( const_iterator first, const_iterator last );
(2) (C++11 feature)
size_type erase( const key_type& key );
(3) (C++11 feature)

Removes specified elements from the container.

1) Removes the element at pos.

2) Removes the elements in the range [first; last).

3) Removes the elements with the key value key


[edit] Parameters

pos - iterator to the element to remove
first, last - range of elements to remove
key - key value of the elements to remove

[edit] Return value

1-2) iterator following the last removed element.

3) number of elements removed

[edit] Complexity

1) Average case: constant, worst case: a.size()

2) Average case: std::distance(first, last), worst case: a.size()

3) Average case: a.count(key), worst case: a.size()

[edit] See also

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