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[edit] Exceptions

The class exception provides a common interface to signal for error conditions through the throw expression.

[edit] Exception categories

Several convenience classes are predefined to report particular error conditions. These classes can be divided into two categories: logic errors and runtime errors. Logic errors are a consequence of faulty logic within the program and may be preventable. Runtime errors are due to events beyond the scope of the program and can not be easily predicted.

[edit] Error numbers

Several macros are available, that provide POSIX error number support. An errno variable is also supported, a separate value is given to each thread.(C++11 feature)

[edit] Assertions

Assertions help to implement checking of preconditions in programs.

Defined in header <cassert>
aborts the program if the user-specified condition is not true. May be disabled for release builds
(function macro)

static_assert declaration renders the program ill-formed if the user-specified condition is not true (C++11 feature).

[edit] System error