The "Brazilian Symposium on Bioinformatics" (BSB) is the new name for the Brazilian Workshop on Bioinformatics (WOB).

Previous editions of WOB were hosted in: 2002 (Gramado, RS), 2003 (Macaé, RJ) and 2004 (Brasília, DF). The first BSB edition occured in 2005 (São Leopoldo, RS), the second, in 2007 (Angra dos Reis, RJ), and the third, in 2008 (Santo AndrĂ©, SP).

All editions of WOB and BSB were sponsored by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC).

The Proceedings of the BSB 2009 will be published by Springer as Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics and in a CD with ISBN, as with BSB2008, BSB2007, and BSB2005.

This multidisciplinary symposium provides a general forum for presentation and discussion of original research on computational biology, bioinformatics, and applications.

The BSB 2009 would like to attract contributions from academic and industrial researchers, both in the exact sciences (computer science, mathematics and statistics) and in the life sciences (molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, medicine, microbiology and others).

The BSB 2009 will be held at PUCRS.


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