NAACL Funding

NAACL is supporting the participation of PhD, MSc, and undergraduate students in PROPOR 2010.

NAACL funds will partially support students who are enrolled at colleges or universities in the Americas. The funding will cover accommodation from 26/04 to 30/04 in double and triple rooms in a hotel to the conference (breakfast is included).

APPLICATIONS must be sent to [email protected] by APRIL 6, including the following:

Dates of arrival and departure in Porto Alegre
Paper category, title and authors (if case you are presenting your work in the event)
Confirmation of enrollment in the present year (attached in the email)

Preference will be given for students who are presenting their work and have plans to stay from 26 to 30.

Awards will be communicated by 9/04/2010, by email.

hosted by PUCRS - Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul