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  • Professor at PUCRS (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul), one of the most important universities in Brazil.
  • Coordinator of the Dependable Systems Group - CNPq.
  • Education Director from the Brazilian Computing Society.
  • Adjunct Coordinator for Professional Master Programs from CAPES, Ministry of Education in Brazil
  • Profile at Google Scholar - link.

Research fields 
  • Operating Systems
  • Distributed and Parallel Systems
  • Fault-Tolerant Systems
  • Software Testing
  • Computer Security
  • Cryptography

  • Postgraduate courses
    1. Cryptography
    2. Dependable Systems
    3. Logic
    4. Computer Theory
    5. Distributed Systems

  • Undergraduate courses
    1. Parallel and Distributed Programming
    2. Operating Systems
    3. Distributed Operating Systems 
    4. Computing Logic
    5. Introduction to Computer Engineering
    6. Logic and Algebraic Structures
    7. Testing and Systems Dependability

  • Content for some of the courses are available at moodle.pucrs.br.

Latest publications  can be found at CNPq or Google Scholar

III Workshop on Test and Fault Tolerance (III WTF - Workshop de Teste e Tolerancia a Falhas - 2002) - link

If you like games, have a look at Settlers of Catan. It is a very nice game and helped me a lot during my PhD. I've made very good friends playing the game - see our ranking. At that time I translated the rules from German to English. A friend of mine, Martin Beet, helped me a lot.

E-mail address: firstname.lastname at pucrs dot br


Last updated: November, 03th 2015