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The interface of C++ standard library is defined by a set of files. These are as following:


[edit] General

<limits> std::numeric_limits class template
<climits> Macros defining properties of standard types
<exception> Exception handling utilities
<new> Low-level memory management utilities
<typeinfo> Runtime type information utilities

[edit] Utilities

<stdexcept> Standard exception objects
<bitset> std::bitset class template
<functional> Function objects, designed for use with the standard algorithms
<memory> Higher level memory management utilities
<utility> Various utility components
<ctime> C-style time/date utilites

[edit] Strings library

<cstring> various narrow charactor string handling functions
<cwstring> various wide charactor string handling functions
<string> std::basic_string class template

[edit] Containers library

<array> std::array container (C++11 feature)
<vector> std::vector container
<deque> std::deque container
<list> std::list container
<forward_list> std::forward_list container (C++11 feature)
<set> std::set and std::multiset associative containers
<map> std::map and std::multimap associative containers
<unordered_set> std::unordered_set and std::unordered_multiset unordered associative containers (C++11 feature)
<unordered_map> std::unordered_map and std::unordered_multimap unordered associative containers (C++11 feature)
<stack> std::stack container adaptor
<queue> std::queue and std::priority_queue container adaptors

[edit] Algorithms library

[edit] Iterators library

<algorithm> standard algorithms

[edit] Localization library

<locale> Localization utilities
<clocale> C localization utilities

[edit] Numerics library

<cmath> Common mathematic functions

[edit] Input/output library

<iosfwd> forward declarations of all objects in the input/output library
<ios> std::ios_base class, std::basic_ios class template and several typedefs
<istream> std::basic_istream class template and several typedefs
<ostream> std::basic_ostream class template and several typedefs
<iostream> std::basic_iostream class template and several typedefs
<fstream> std::basic_fstream, std::basic_ifstream, std::basic_ofstream class templates and several typedefs
<sstream> std::basic_stringstream, std::basic_istringstream, std::basic_ostringstream class templates and several typedefs
<cstdio> C-style input-output functions

[edit] C Standard Library

 * <cassert>
 * <cctype> +
 * <cerrno>
 * <cfloat>
 * <climits> +
 * <clocale> +
 * <cmath> +
 * <csetjmp>
 * <csignal>
 * <cstdarg>
 * <cstddef>
 * <cstdint>
 * <cstdio> +
 * <cstdlib>
 * <cstring> +
 * <ctime> +
 * <cwchar>
 * <cwctype>