PROPOR 2010 received a total of 48 submissions from several countries: 37 for the language track and 11 for the speech track. Each submission was evaluated by at least 3 members from a multidisciplinary and international scientific committee. A primary selection of 13 full papers (corresponding to an acceptance rate of 27%) and 8 short papers was published in a volume of the Springer LNAI series. This Extended Activities Proceedings brings a complementary selection of other 12 well evaluated papers, which complements and enriches PROPOR main contributions.

A dependency-based approach to anaphora annotation
Eckhard Bick

Antonymy in Brazilian Portuguese Descriptive Adjectives: an Analysis Proposal
Cláudia Dias de Barros, Oto Araújo Vale

Evaluation of Machine Learning Approaches to Portuguese Part-of-Speech Prediction
Daniel Cavalieri, Sira Palazuelos-Cagigas, Teodiano F. Bastos-Filho, Mario Sarcinelli-Filho

Assigning Wh-Questions to Verbal Arguments in a Corpus of Simplified Texts
Magali Sanches Duran, Marcelo Adriano Amâncio, Sandra Maria Aluísio

Morphosyntactic Parser for Brazilian Portuguese: Methodology for Development and Assessment
Izabel Christine Seara, Fernando Santana Pacheco, Sandra Ghizoni Kafka, Rui Seara Júnior, Rui Seara

Open Text Annotators Using Apache UIMA
William Daniel Colen de Moura Silva, Marcelo Finger, Carlos Eduardo Dantas de Menezes

Parsing Extended Constraint Synchronous Grammar in Chinese-Portuguese Machine Translation
Francisco Oliveira, Fai Wong, Iok-Sai Hong, Ming-Chui Dong

Portuguese Term Extraction Methods: Comparing Linguistic and Statistical Approaches
Lucelene Lopes, Leandro Henrique Mendonça de Oliveira, Renata Vieira

The Anaphor-Antecedent Match: Issues for Referring Expressions Generation
Diego Jesus de Lucena, Ivandré Paraboni

The Preposition DE in Brazilian Portuguese as a Verbal Link
Aline Villavicencio, Maria José Finatto

Using Coarticulation Rules in Automatic Phonetic Transcription
Arlindo Veiga, Sara Candeias, Luís Sá, Fernando Perdigão

Using Morphosyntactic Post-processing to Improve POS-tagging Accuracy
Marcos Garcia, Pablo Gamallo

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