About me:

I am an associated professor and researcher at PPGCC , at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul - PUCRS (a private University in the South of Brazil).

I finished my BSc Course in Computer Science at PUCRS in December 1989, and the MSc in Computer Science at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (all in portuguese), in July 1994. Both courses were undertaken in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

I got my PhD degree at Swiss Federal institute of Technology (Switzerland) - VRLab, under supervision of Prof. Daniel Thalmann, where I worked mainly with Crowd Simulation and virtual humans. More recently, I spent a year (from July2015 to July2016) for my sabbatical at UPENN working with Prof. Norman Badler, where I worked mainly with crowd simulation.

In 2022, I received the prestigious "Google Research in Computer Science" award, as acknowledged by Google's Outreach Program.

Recent Events Organization:

- In 2024 I will serve as Chair of Program Commitee of ACM MIG 2024

- Chair of SIBGRAPI 2024 Tutorials

- General Organization of SBGames 2021 Virtual

- Chair of Program comittee of SIBGRAPI 2020 Virtual

- Chair of Program comittee of CASA 2019 Paris, France

People at VHLab

I supervise Undergraduate, Master, PhD and posdoc researchers. Interested send an email to: [email protected]

  • PhD students/Posdocs

    Dr. Paulo Knob

    Greice Pinho

    Victor Araujo

    Gabriel Fonseca Silva

    Vitor Peres

    Julia Melgare

    Estêvão Testa

  • Master students

    Roberto Santos

    Davide da Silva

    Guido Mainardi

    Gabriel Vaz

    Diego Candido

  • Undergraduate students

    Rubens Montanha

    Gabriel Schneider

    Ana Carolina Policarpo Schmitt

    Andriele Busatto do Carmo


    5 volunteers at VHLab

    3 students in TCC (final project)

Click here to know Past Students (out of date)

Research Activities:

My current research is in the area of Crowd Simulation, Virtual Human Agents, Behavioral Modeling, Visual perception and Computer Vision. Actually I am coordinating research in the following areas:

- Crowds and Population Simulation (Private companies)

- Virtual Humans Animation

- Perception Analysis with Virtual Humans

- Facial Analysis

- Health and Artificial Inteligence

- ADA Project (Women in Computer Science). Click HERE to read the paper about this project. Additionally, please see my contibution at Nature about Women in Computer Science HERE to read the paper

Recent Keynotes:

- July/2023 - Talk at ISAPE 23 - Explorando as Complexidades das Simulações de Humanos Virtuais em Aplicações de Segurança (in Portuguese) LINK, BR

- June/2023 - Talk at UFSCPA - Afinal, para que servem os humanos virtuais? (in Portuguese), BR

- May/2023 - Projeto ADA - Mulheres na Computação ERAD PUCRS, BR

- May/2023 - Café com PPGCC, PUCRS, BR

- March/2023- Personagens em Jogos (in Portuguese) LINK. Talk at https://www.even3.com.br/ludus-lab-summit-2023/ (ONLINE) - Manaus, BR

- Feb/2023- Crowds, Perception and Beyond Talk at Sorbonne University - Paris, FR

- Aug/2022- Crowds Behavior Analysis and Simulation LINK Seminario de Ingenieria 2022 - La Mujer en la Ingenieria - UCO - Universidad Católica de oriente - ONLINE - Colombia

- July/2022- Graphics, Perception and Beyond - Instituto Tecnológico Vale - ONLINE - Brazil

- Feb/2022- New trends in CG LINK. Let Science Talk workshop 2022 02 10 - UWC Maastrich - ONLINE - The Netherlands

- Nov/2021 - Simulação Computacional do Comportamento de Populações LINK. TEC Encontro 2021 - RJ, Brasil

- Out/2021 - Avaliando Percepção em Faces: Uma Abordagem Computacional 22o Salão de Iniciação Científica da PUCRS - PUCRS, RS, Brasil

- Nov/2020 - Crowds Behavior Analysis and Simulation: Presented at GSI 2020 LINK - São Paulo, Brasil

- Nov/2020 - Webinar - Towards a Legion of Virtual Humans: Steering Behaviors and Organic Visualization - Presented at Webinars - IMPA 2020 - RJ, Brasil

- April/2020 - Webinar - Multidões, Populações e Mobilidade de Indivíduos: Como simular? Presented at Webinars - PUCRS - RS, Brasil

- Nov/2019 - Crowds Behavior Analysis and Simulation - Presented at ICEC 2019 (Arequipa, Peru)

- Oct/2019 - Why not Crowd Simulation? Presented at SIBGRAPI/SBGames/SVR 2019 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

- July/2019 - Crowds Behavior Analysis and Simulation - Presented at Worlshop of CASA 2019 (Paris, France)

Teaching Activities (all in Portuguese):

Undergraduate Courses:

2023/2 - Metodologia Cientifica

2023/2 - Visao Computacional

2023/2 - Visao Computacional

2023/1 - Projeto e Implem de sistemas Interativos

Graduate Courses:

2023/1 - Computer Animation

2022/2 - Analysis and Visualization of Heterogeneous Data